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Sensorites / Bay TV / Acoustic Session

Here's our acoustic Bay TV session, track times below :-)

Roll The Dice 18:27
Spacemen 21:12
Fool 24:02
Flowers On Lamposts 26.28

Sensorites / Bay TV / Acoustic Session

Our BayTV acoustic session receives its first airing tonight :-)
Channel 8 Freeview and Virgin Media 159

Here's the air times:-
Thursday 5th Feb at 10:30pm
Monday 9th 10.30pm
Tuesday 10th 4.30pm
Wednesday 11th 10.00pm

Sensorites @ Leaf, Liverpool, 19th March 2015

Readymades / Moguls / Sensorites

Readymades / Moguls / Sensorites at Leaf On Bold St

Thursday 19th March 2015

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Really good alternative indie band singing an array of really great and diverse songs. Lyrically fantastic, Lyrically superb and the music is relaxing, uplifting, and very pleasant to listen to.
“Combining their trademark Mersey swagger and some ear-pleasing, toe-tapping melodies” Indie London
“Their sound instantly feels decidedly warm, welcoming and instantly familiar” Entertainment Focus
Sensorites are set to release new single ‘Roll The Dice’ this December through Hollowhole Records.
The two piece, hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, have described new single ‘Roll the Dice’ as a “psychedelic neo-ragtime torch song rollin’ and tumblin’ through space”. The accompanying video well and truly provides that SHOCK factor – it’s not to be missed!
Currently based in Liverpool, Brothers Natham, and Gareth Kirkham have previously received support from the likes of BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 6, and numerous BBC Local Radio; as well as being featured on BBC TV.
Sensorites span across genres whilst remaining distinct; their songs feature memorable melodies with sharp lyrics and moments of massive vocal harmony. The duo has toured the UK extensively, playing venues and festivals across the country.

check out our new video - Roll The Dice

Directed by Samuel Andrew Fenton -
Staring Bea Dux as Hannahbelle -
Rach Sherratt - Make Up Artist -

Roll The Dice (Lyrics)

roll the dice

if i dare to say the words
i'd love for you to be my bird
said out loud they sound absurd
she'd probably call me gay

gayer than a lamb in spring
benter than a bendy thing
she's knows that's not the song i sing 
she knows i wanna say

roll the dice on us
baby you'll see
how good we could be
roll the dice on us
won't be no fuss
it could be love

i want to do this face to face
it's been too long i just can't wait
i've never been that fond of fate
i dial your digits in

this can hardly be a shock
for many months you've loved my company
and i don't wanna be 
with anybody else

roll the dice on us
baby you'll see
how good we could be
roll the dice on us
won't be no fuss 
it could be it's just a dream, you stole my heart while i was sleeping
wake me if I need to beware of this turning into nightmares
roll the dice

this is how we dance the best
cheek to cheek
and breast to breast
i must confess undressed it best
of all the seven sins 

roll the dice on us
baby you'll see
how good we could be
roll the dice on us
won't be no fuss
it could be love
it could be love
it could be love

roll the dice

Getting Personal with Sensorites

Their catchy melodies and unique vocals are gaining them a strong wave of fans and support. This Liverpudlian band is set for big things. If you are ever in need of a mood lift/face lift (smile), their music will do the trick, serenading to you about girls and boys and all the things in between.

Name:  Natham Kirkham
Who is Sensorites?  Sensorites are brothers: Natham, and Gareth Kirkham–often joined by other musicians, live and in the studio.
What inspired you to pursue music? It’s just what I do, there’s no defining moment.
If you could give one piece of advice to anybody, what would it be?  Work with the stone in your hand! It’s advice for dry stone wall building, but also applicable to life.
What’s your greatest struggle right now? Raising the funds for our ambitious projects.
Is there a process you go through to create a musical piece? There’s no fixed process, it’s different every time. It’s half of the fun.
What’s the last song you listened to?  Funkadelic – Maggot Brain
How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?  We span genres and styles whilst remaining distinct. Our songs have memorable melodies with sharp lyrics and moments of massive vocal harmony.
When are you happiest?  When I’m in the moment.
If you had a time machine, where would you go?  That’d be a big list! At some point we’d go back to the 1960’s and photobomb Doctor Who & The Sensorites during filming ;-)
Where can people find you on the internet? You can find everything on our website


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